Our Pool Selection: Sizes, Materials, Add Ons and Modifications

Pool Sizes

Pocket Size

Dimensions (LWH): 12ft x 7ft x 5.5ft
Volume: 2,100 gal
Dry Weight: 15,000 lbs
Bench Space: 21.5 sq ft

Standard Size

Dimensions (LWH): 15ft x 8ft x 5.5ft
Volume: 3,500 gal
Dry Weight: 18,960 lbs
Bench Space: 23 sq ft

King Size

Dimensions (LWH): 20ft x 10ft x 5.5ft
Volume: 5,300 gal
Dry Weight: 26,000 lbs
Bench Space: 43 sq ft

Interior Finishes

Every pool comes with an internal high-performance thermo polymer coating — which is the fancy way of describing ecoFinish.

ecoFinish is a highly engineered form of powder coating that’s heat-blasted onto the internal shell of the pool, forming a completely sealed, flexible, waterproof membrane that’s both luxurious to the touch, and highly durable.

The finished feel of each pool varies slightly and ranges between a slightly coarse, sandstone like finish and smooth porcelain tiles. In any instance the surface has fantastic non-slip capabilities without feeling abrasive on skin. 

Kona Coast

Sahara Sand

Mediterranean Blue

Blue Lagoon

Grey Reef

French Grey

Add Ons & Modifications

Smart Pool System + App

Salt Pool System

Stationary Pool Jet

Electric Heat + Chill

Gas heater 250k BTU

Automatic Pool Cover
$11,000 & Up*

*Installation of Automatic
cover not included / Price depends on which size pool you get

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