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Welcome to 21 Day Pools! All of our pool packages include the full installation of the pool, pump, filter, and LED light.

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*Pool pricing starts at $52,480 and can vary based on customizations.

Upgrade My Pool - Optional Add-Ons

The below items are not required to build an amazing pool and backyard experience, but are options to further customize your pool system.
We offer an upgraded pool command center when you purchase the OmniHub Smart Pool Control System.

It is the easiest wat to add smart control to your pool to allow you to conveniently schedule and set all equipment setting with your smartphone or voice assisted devices.

The OmniLogic App is easy to use from any smart phone or tablet.
Having a Salt System or a typical Chlorine System is completely an option we leave to you. Both systems create a clean and sanitized swimming environment that is safe.
Engineered to be just as highperforming and durable as our industry-leading HeatPro heat pump, the HeatPro VS heat pump leverages variable-speed technology to maximize energy and cost savings while minimizing operational noise.
We do offer an option for a Swim Jet installation. To maintain our commitment to quality and out installation standard, we have partnered with a manufacturer that provides execeptional Swim Jet products.

Swim Jets push large quantities of water through jets creating a strong current for you to swim against.
There are numerous ways you can finance you pool installation. We offer financing through HFS Financial and can provide you with more details if you would like to move forward with your project.

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